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Park Guards: A First Line of Defense

Park guards play a key role in protecting wildlife in the Salonga National Park. On a day-to-day basis, guards are responsible for ensuring the survival of bonobos, elephants and other threatened species. They are the backbone of conservation efforts and the “eyes and ears” for the rest of the world. 

BCBI provides many forms of support to the guards in the Watsi Kengo Sector – field equipment, medical assistance, camping gear, transportation, backpacks, GPS units and compasses, etc. Please consider sponsoring a guard through a donation to the ZSM’s BCBI. Your gift will have a significant impact on bonobo and wildlife conservation in the Salonga National Park by providing the guards with necessary supplies and equipment, and training them in navigation and wildlife monitoring.

The total annual cost to BCBI for sponsoring one guard in the Salonga’s Watsi Kengo Sector is approximately $1,100. Donations at any level, however, are welcomed and important. A gift of $500 ($45/month) to an Etate guard, for example, will provide all his equipment, supplies and patrol rations for an entire year. Regardless of your financial commitment, as a “guard sponsor,” you are connected to the guards in the Salonga National Park in a very special way. You support their professional development and their hard and hazardous work to protect bonobos, elephants and other species from extinction.

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