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Bonobo T-Shirts

These shirts are sold in the U.S. to raise funds to send the same shirts to the Congo. Considering that the cost of one T-shirt (USD $15 to $18) is equivalent to approximately one-third of the monthly salary of a park guard, T-shirts have both monetary and intrinsic conservation value. These shirts have been used as uniforms for Congolese field assistants and park guards.
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Meet the Bonobos—Order a Book Now!

Did you know that the Milwaukee County Zoo has one of the world’s largest groups of bonobos in a zoo environment? Learn more about these fascinating great apes in the book Bonobos: Encounters in Empathy, written and donated to the Zoological Society of Milwaukee by Jo Sandin, a retired Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer. She introduces you to the individual bonobos at the Milwaukee County Zoo and their social dynamics that parallel human politics.
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