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Bonobo exhibit
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of the bonobo's outdoor play area.

Since 1986, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin (U.S.) have worked together to position the city of Milwaukee as the “center of excellence” in bonobo conservation, husbandry and care. The Milwaukee County Zoo is highly-regarded for its work in bonobo husbandry and great-ape health. The Milwaukee County Zoo maintains one of the largest groups of captive bonobos in North America.¬†Milwaukee County Zoo staff veterinarian, Dr. Vickie Clyde, is the veterinary advisor to the Bonobo SSP and co-founder of the Bonobo Cardiac Database.

The newest addition to the bonobo exhibit at the Milwaukee County Zoo is an outdoor play area, consisting of almost 500 feet of connected elevated tunnels and runways. The area also includes ladders that extend up to 26 feet, allowing bonobos to be at the level of the surrounding tree canopy. This new exhibit is the first of its kind at a public zoological institution.

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